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Of taste

our 7-stage filtration system

Transform your life by drinking the best tasting water you have ever tried. This gorgeous unit hides the refilling container and has the added benefit of instant hot and cold options. We know that once you've got our PURE filtration Wonder Water in your home, you'll be choosing water over everything else.

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If it doesn't taste better and help you drink more water, we'll collect it and refund your money.

Why Wonder Water Tastes Better

Our 7-stage filtration system removes more sediments, odours and organic contaminants from your drinking water. Plus we infuse the refillable water bottle with a layer of ozone to prevent bacteria from forming.

Ozone Sanitisation

Stops bacteria forming in the water container

Sediment Filter

Filter that reduces sediment, dirt & sand

Pre-carbon Filter

Reduces colour & improves taste

UF Membrane

Reduces contaminants
wonder water unit

Post-carbon Filter

Reduces chemicals

UV Light

Kills bacteria

Hot Water Self Cleaning

Runs boiling water through pipes for final clean


Pure, great tasting water

Don't just take our word for it... Here's what our customers are saying!

T. Robert

Awesome product! Looks great, tastes great! Easy to handle and care for...cheaper than what I normally spend on bottled water every week and last but not least, fantastic services. The installer was fantastic! Very nice, clear about instructions and easy to talk to. I highly recommend Wonder Water to everyone!

T. Robert
M. Keegan

We love our Wonder Water machine. Water never tasted so fresh! My whole family is now drinking water regularly throughout the day. Great product, great service.

M. Keegan
T. Mears

Amazing machine and super easy for kids to use. Love that the hot water button is locked.

T. Mears
A. Lokoh

Water taste amazing and I love that it has 3 different temperatures. Never have to wait to make my coffees in the morning anymore. Highly recommended, worth the $.

A. Lokoh

We maintain your Wonder Water system for you, so that you always have consistent, pure, great tasting water!

What you get:

  • Wonder Water Unit with instant cold and hot water
  • Filters and refillable water container
  • Installation of the system at your home or business
  • Full ongoing maintenance
  • Filter replacements
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Stylish design and touch display

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